This page was inspired by my frustration with peoples fear of food.

All you ever hear these days is “dont eat this”, “don’t eat that” and “no thanks I’m on a diet”. Over a quarter of you are on a diet right now and I bet many of you are thinking ” I cant eat that!”.

My aim with this blog is to create some understanding of what fad diets can do to your body’s metabolism long-term and to arm you with the knowledge to make healthy decisions. It seems tiresome to push the eat everything in moderation mantra but it is the simplest and most effective mode of long term weight loss. Fad diets such as the lemon detox diet or the cabbage soup diet may produce quick results but most do not last.

I have a degree in biochemistry which has given me extensive knowledge on the biochemistry of metabolism. I want to use this knowledge to quell the fears that if you eat you’ll be fat and inspire people to can the fad diets and start having a sustainable and fulfilling relationship with food!


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