Sharks are not the only animals that are eaten as delicacies around the world. Endangered and threatened animals are making menus in many countries without reaching headlines. These animals are majestic and wonderful and human greed is taking them from the world.

Throughout Africa, Asia, Central and South America great Apes and primates are under threat from not only the destruction of their habitat but the bush meat trade. Chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas are hunted for their meat to feed the illegal bush meat trade. Not only is this verging on cannibalism as primates and humans are so similar but it also spreads diseases such as HIV and Ebola.


Due to over fishing the Bluefin Tuna are becoming seriously in danger of extinction. They are one of the most highly prized fish in Japanese sushi and their economic worth is causing motivation for fishermen to overfish. A single bluefin can sell for $100,000 at Tokyo’s famed fish markets. The problem is so severe that extinction in some regions is expected in the very near future, within years. Despite the severity of the situation there are still no international fishing bans set and the fish continue to die. Like the shark these fish are at the top of the food chain so without them in our waters the oceans ecology will change drastically.

Elephants are sensitive creatures by nature with vast memories and strong family ties. For years humans have harassed them, everybody knows about poachers killing elephants for their tusks however little is known about the sale of elephant meat on the black market. These giants are being killed illegally due to the amount of money their meat can fetch. While ivory can fetch $180 elephant meat can be sold for up to $6000 on the black market. So while they have strong, wide-spread protection they will continue to be hunted illegally as long is there is demand. This is truly tragic and those who create the demand have a lot to answer for.


 Despite whaling being banned for many years whalers have found a way to continue slaughtering these awesome sea creatures. They use a loop hole in the ban that enables whales to be killed for scientific purposes so these whaling ships go out on the pretense that they are performing a scientific experiment yet not one paper has been published and it is yet to be shown what they are studying. Japan is one of the main culprits in these excursions.

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent and social animals on the planet yet in many cultures their meat is prized more than their intelligence. Dolphin drive hunting is the process used to fish dolphins and involves herding dolphins into a bay or onto a beach then cutting them off from the ocean with boats or nets to make for easy pickings. This method of fishing is brutal, cruel and stupid as dolphin meat is considered to be dangerous for human consumption. Take a look at this award winning documentary about dolphin drive hunting, if you have the stomach for it.


These are just a few of the animals at risk due to human greed. There are many more that reach the menu’s and need help in order to survive the largest predator on earth, the human.


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