the factory

40 million dollars are spent on weight loss programs in America alone each year. This is not including the many ‘weight loss’ and fat free branded foods; Pepsi Max, Coke zero, and Diet Coke are all part of the diet industry. Even celebrities feed the diet industry, presenting the ideal body that every diet promotes as possible. Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder; it’s in the number on the scales.

Not only are they charging exuberant amounts to make you miserable but they are also teaching you to be disappointed with slow weight loss which is the tried and tested way to keep weight off. This makes sense though, why would they want anyone to keep the weight off? The people who constantly fall of the wagon and return to dieting hell generate the biggest profit for them.

Scams like the lemon detox diet take $40 dollars off you, make you starve for a week or two, totally diminish your metabolism so that two weeks later you’ve packed the weight back on and reaching back in to that super tight jeans pocket of yours to give them another 40 bucks. The whole concept of the dieting industry ‘offering solutions for the obesity crisis’ is a contradiction in itself; often the effects of yoyo dieting are worse than being the overweight that dieters were originally.

Everything now days has 99% fat free on the cover but is fat really the enemy? No we are force fed information by the diet industry to make us think that but if a product is 99% fat but has heaps of sugar in it, it could well be worse for you. If you eat the fat free food and are still fat, chances are you’ll keep buying it. Some fats are in fact good (see fast foods post)! Those without motivation give the best advise; everything in moderation, smaller portion size, regular exercise, and the energy you put in shouldn’t exceed the energy you use in a day. The problem is no one listens to these wise mantra’s because it’s ‘too hard’, and the dieting industry is all too happy to provide the easier option at the cost of your health and wallet.

Ever wondered why Kirsty Alley and Oprah are constantly fat, then thin, then fat again? It’s because of the diets they endorse and yet people don’t seem to link the diets they do to their constant yo-yoing.  So make the link guys. Don’t fall for those crafty CEO’s propaganda. Listen to the good guys. It’s not too hard to lose weight healthily and it’s ok that you don’t look like Miranda Kerr (she’s a freak!). If you take the time to lose it healthily you will save a lot of money and get to keep your sanity. BONUS!!


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