fast foods part 2 

Last post I gave you 5 excellent ways to speed up your metabolism that were tasty and very easy to add to your diet. There are however many ways to speed up your metabolism so here’s some more. You never know you may be a metabolism booster already!

A very common problem is that people misconceive being thirsty for being hungry and end up eating when all they need to do is drink some water. Studies have shown that drinking 6-8 cups of cold water can increase your metabolism by 30%, which is a huge increase for a simple case of sipping at a bottle of water. Even mild dehydration can cause the metabolism to decrease by 3%. By drinking either cold or hot water the body must thermo-regulate the water to maintain its internal temperature and burning calories doing so, in the same way as spice from the previous post. This however does not explain the 30% increase and it seems that scientists are non-the wiser on this aspect but it does work so why question it? Go buy a drink bottle TODAY and get drinking!

Oil! Now most people associate oil with greasy fast foods like KFC of fish and chips and don’t get me wrong those are terrible! However some oils such as olive oil, canola oil and oil from fish contain omega-3 oils that are hugely beneficial for your metabolism but also your brain. These omega-3 oils can boost your metabolism by 40 calories per day as they increase the levels of fat burning enzymes and decrease the level of fat storage enzymes. Enzymes are the little guys doing all the work in your body causing reactions to happen so with more of the fat burning workers around your sure to burn more fat.

Here’s some good news, having a cheaper power bill can contribute to weight loss. Keeping yourself too comfortable with fancy heaters and cooling systems is nice but the harsh truth of it is that it is slowing your metabolism. When we were roaming the plains of Africa as early humans there were no heating and cooling devises and our bodies had to do the work. This “work” called thermoregulation is a key factor in your basal metabolism as heating or cooling your body to maintain the appropriate internal temperature of the body burns calories. By using outside factors to maintain your body temperature is making your thermoregulatory tools lazy and your metabolism slow, so think twice about turning that heater on. But please don’t get a cold!

Lastly eating the majority of your food earlier in the day can help you burn more calories. This really does make sense as you are more active during the day and the more active you are the more calories your burn, when asleep only your basal (minimum) level of calories is burnt. Eating your main meal at lunch and a lighter meal at dinner means that there is a longer period of time where you are active to burn off the larger amount of calories (the main meal). This is likely to make you skip desert and instead have ice cream for breakfast!

The last two posts have given you some ideas to help boost your metabolism but remember regular exercise is the easiest way to boost the amount of calories you burn per day.


One response to “FAST FOODS – PART 2

  1. I knew it! I never drink water because I’m never thirsty but yes I think thirst is disguising itself with hunger!

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