The chocolate diet, sounds like every girls dream doesn’t it? This diet is the ultimate diet for those out there who love their comfort carbohydrate packed food. Not only does this diet include chocolate, the wonderful food that gives you endorphins and makes you happy, but also pasta and popcorn. This is actually my ideal diet!! It does seem a little too good to be true though….

The diet plan menu is:

Breakfast options: – fresh fruit

Fruit salad

Shredded wheat with non-fat milk and strawberries

Morning Snack: – popcorn

– fruit

Lunch: –      
salad with low calorie dressing

–       pasta salad with low calorie dressing

–        spaghetti

Afternoon Snack: 
-       popcorn

–       vegetable sticks

–        fruit smoothie: Blend 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 cup frozen peaches (or other fruit of choice) with 1 cup non-fat skim milk.

-       fettuccini w/garlic tomato sauce

–       whole wheat pasta primavera

–        salad

–       steamed vegetables

Evening Snack:
- popcorn

– up to 1 oz. chocolate

All Day: 
-       water

–       carbonated water

–        mineral water

There is a pretty long list of foods to be avoided with this diet. The items to be avoided are: Alcoholic beverages, Salt/sodium, Sugars (artificial sweeteners are okay), Oils, Oily fruits (avocados, olives, coconuts), High sugar/cal fruits (raisins, figs, dates), Fried foods, Dairy products, Red meats, Nuts and seeds, Unauthorized snacks (chips, junk food, candies, cakes, pies, etc.), Coffee/caffeine, Carbonated soft drinks. So basically you are changing your dietary intake to be made up of only carbohydrates, cutting out fats and meats.

There is a calorie restriction on the chocolate diet and this is 1200 calories a day for women and 1500 calories a day for men. Daily exercise is also recommended on this diet which helps to burn more calories a day and can increase the amount of muscle on your body. Having more muscle means that you will burn more calories as muscle take more energy to maintain than fat. With this diet you are expected to lose around 1Kg a week provided the dieter sticks to the menu fully. 

I think this diet would be quite filling but by cutting out meat and fats the body will be missing out on essential nutrients that come from these food groups. If your body is not getting enough iron, of which you get from red meat and certain vegetables that do not appear explicitly in the diet plan, then your body will struggle with fatigue. The iron gained from food is incorporated into the structure that transports oxygen around the body. Oxygen is essential for muscles and organs to function so it is very important to get enough iron. This is something to consider while on this diet so can be combated by incorporating iron rich vegetables to the vegetable meals.

The diet plan is actually pretty good. Eating 6 times a day will cause the dieter to feel less hungry even though they are calorie cutting. The incorporation of regular exercise not only helps with weight loss but also promotes a healthy way of living. It is great for those chocoholics out there as it teaches you that you can have chocolate without it affecting your weight.

I say try it out chocoholics and good luck!!

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