Grapefruit, you either love or hate their scrunch your face up sour taste. For those haters out there though this diet may make you want to eat 1 and a half grapefruit a day as they are said to have weight loss properties.

The grapefruit diet as the name suggests is based around eating grapefruit with every meal. The diet aims to remove heavy, complex carbohydrates causing the body to use alternative resources to fuel its activity, these other sources are fat and protein (muscle). The menu is a 12 days on, 2 days off cycle.


Breakfast: ½ Grapefruit (120ml unsweetened grapefruit juice), 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon.


Lunch: ½ grapefruit (120ml unsweetened grapefruit juice), meat (any amount, any meat) and salad with any kind of dressing.


Dinner: ½ grapefruit (120ml unsweetened grapefruit juice), meat (any amount, any meat), vegetables (any amount of green, yellow or red vegetables cooked in butter or with seasoning)


Snack: 1 glass of tomatoe juice or one glass of skim milk

You are only allowed to have a snack after dinner and you may have black coffee too. The diet plan also specifies that the vegetables you are allowed to eat are: red onions, green onions, bell peppers, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, carrots and peas. Vegetables not allowed are white onions, potatoes and celery. It seems quite a random choice of good vegetables and bad vegetables. Personally I have always thought that celery is good to eat when on a diet because it is mainly water. I can’t actually find a reason why not to eat it, as the trend I see is you have to cut out starchy vegetables, celery is not starchy so this is quite an odd prescription.

Because you can have as much of the recommended foods there are no calorie restrictions on this diet. This is a worry as people have the possibility to eat far to many calories and go over the amount they burn. Eating fewer calories than you burn in a day is the most sacred rule of losing weight and is essential. From most of the reviews online it seems that many people end up eating far too few calories which is interesting, perhaps it is hard to eat a lot of the foods on the menu. It would be very hard to get the calorie intake perfect for losing weight healthily and this is a flaw in the diet plan.

Whether the grapefruit helps loss of weight is a controversial topic however some studies have proven that it could. The research found that some chemical properties of the grapefruit could have an effect on the amount of insulin released after a meal. Insulin’s job in the body is to help glucose form carbohydrates and sugar to be stored in the body, most of the time as fat. By producing less insulin the idea is that less is stored as fat. Too little insulin produced however can lead to diabetes to we sit on a fine line.

This diet plan has flaws in it and I wouldn’t recommend it as a healthy way to lose weight. I do, however, recommend eating grapefruit, as they are natural simple carbohydrate, rich in vitamin C. Be careful though, some say it can tamper with the contraceptive pill.





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