I bet hardly any of you have heard of the HCG diet, I know I certainly hadn’t. I don’t even know how this diet ever got popular but it sure did in the 70’s! HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone) is a hormone that can be found in pregnant women’s urine. This hormone is given to people on the HCG diet on the pretense that it will help them lose weight.

 HGC hormone is used as a marker of pregnancy as it is produced by the growing fetus and placenta. A Doctor Simeons published a book outlining the HCG diet plan in the 1970’s that involved dieters to inject HCG into their bodies to lose weight. The injections were combined with extreme calorie cutting, dieters only eating 500 per day and only foods that were rich in lean protein. The diet claimed the body would start to burn fat while the HCG would prevent the body from breaking down muscle for energy.

No body could properly explain how HCG hormone worked and it seems to me that this diet plan was a complete scam used to make money. The bizarre recommendations that go along with the plan do not help its cause. It requires consumption of only one vegetable per meal, no use of oil, body lotions and hygiene products and prohibition of exercise! This would undoubtedly lead to an extremely unhygienic and unhealthy person.

The extreme weight loss achieved on this program is blatantly due to the extreme calorie cutting. This extreme level of calorie cutting would make the dieter very unwell, suffering from headaches, irritability and hyperactivity. Exercise is discouraged because the body does not have enough nutrients and energy to function let alone carry out physical activity.

The fad continues still today and a dieter can expect to pay around $140 per month for the HCG, which is now in drop form. Costs are significantly higher if you go to clinics to get it injected. Either way you are paying a lot of money to a corporation in order to starve yourself and then put the weight back on once you’ve finished.

All I can see about this diet is little research, extreme diet conditions and someone making a large amount of money from your suffering. This is a horrible diet. What a scam.

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