isreali army diet

When you think of people in the army the last thing you would imagine is a fatty running through tires. I always thought their rocking bodies are the result of vigorous exercise but perhaps it’s their diet too? The Israeli army diet has been around since the 70s but its popularity has faded drastically.

The diet claims to be based on the diet of the Israel Defense Forces but in actual fact has nothing to do with the Israeli army. The diet lasts for 8 days and involves the dieter to eat only one type of food for two days. They must eat:

Days 1-2: can only eat apples along with black tea or coffee

Days 3-4: can only eat cheese along with black tea or coffee

Days 5-6: can only eat chicken along with black tea or coffee

Days 7-8: can only eat salad along with black tea or coffee

This is the most bizarre diet I have looked at so far. I really want to know how the creator chose the food. I feel like they were just walking around the supermarket picking up the first things they saw and couldn’t be bothered with the rest of the shop so just ate them for the week.

If the dieter actually managed to stick to the diet for the full 8 days they would lose weight.  However the weight loss is due to the low calorie intake and therefore will pile back on again. This is due to the body going into starvation mode. The body ends up burning muscle to be transformed into glucose as only glucose can feed the brain. In burning muscle a lot of water is lost and the water loss is the main difference in he weight of the dieter.

Even worse is how tempting it is to break the diet; no one can be satisfied by one type of food for an entire day. Often when a dieter strays from their diet they take that day as a total bust and binge out. This can cause the opposite of the desired effect and the dieter can put the weight on.

This diet is bizaare and I think you would have to be crazy to want to try it!!

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