They say chicken soup is good for the soul and you are meant to eat it when your sick but could it be the answer to your weight loss? The chicken soup diet has no particular origin but is thought to have developed from the theory of its healthy properties.

Dieters on the chicken soup diet are allowed to eat breakfast from a choice of 5 options:

  1. 1 cup of non fat vanilla yogurt and ½ a cup of fruit salad sprinkled with wheat germ
  2. 1 cup of ricotta cheese with ½ a teaspoon of sugar along with 2 pieces of whole grain bread and 3 dried figs
  3. 1 and ½ cups of cereal with ½ cup of nonfat milk and ½ cup of calcium enriched orange juice
  4. 1 small whole wheat bagel topped with 30g of fat free cheddar cheese and ½ a cup of prune juice
  5. 1 and ½ cups of cereal with ½ cup of non-fat milk

After breakfast the dieter may only eat chicken soup however they are aloud to eat as much soup as they like. The chicken soup recipe varies slightly from internet sites but it is generally a chicken broth with chicken and vegetables spiced with cayenne pepper and other spices.

The recipe sounds yummy and the diet seems simple and easy to follow. I am also impressed with the attention to including all 3 food groups into the dietary intake – this is a sign of a good, healthy diet. The addition of cayenne pepper is said to speed your metabolism and the veggies will help to maintain the levels of vitamins and minerals.  The amount of water and protein in the soup will make the dieter feel fuller quicker therefore they will end up eating less.

This all sounds very promising, however, experts’ say that the fast weight loss achieved through this diet is due to the low amount of calorie intake. This means that once again the weight lost is mainly water weight due to the starvation modes tendency to burn muscle and along with muscle a lot of water is excreted.  So when the dieter decides to start eating normally again, which is inevitable due to the monotony of the diet, the weight will be put on once again.

Even though the diet may not be the best option for long-term weight loss I have good news, it has been scientifically proven to help relieve the symptoms of coughs and colds. Scientists have shown that the chicken soup immobilizes the cells in the body that fight infection so that they cannot migrate to the nose or chest to cause the body to cough or sneeze.

Of all the soup diets this is one of the better ones so if your looking for a quick fix that will not have lasting effects you may want to try it. It has a balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates so the body isn’t missing any ingredients to function properly. I do think that it would be hard to maintain, as it would be excruciatingly boring to do. I for one would be too chicken to try it!

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