tapeworm 2This is a diet for the reckless and desperate. To me it is some kind of a sick joke but around the world people are actually consuming the tapeworm, a parasite, in order to lose weight.

The science behind the diet is simple. You ingest a tapeworm and become its host. Becoming a parasites host means that you provide all of its nutrients – whatever you eat is split between you and the tapeworm. This means that you are getting approximately half the calories you eat for yourself. If your body has half the calories to use it will have to resort to using its fat stores for energy. Here’s an idea, maybe just half your portion size instead of purposely eating a potentially harmful parasite??

Dieters crazy enough to attempt this diet swallow tapeworm cysts in the form of a pill. The cyst will then become a tapeworm and reach full maturity in the intestines. Here the tapeworms “bothria” or tentacles attach to the intestine to feed off the food ingested. Then you continue as you were, eating what you like and slobbing around all day! Sounds fantastic, or does it?

Anyone else wondering what happens when you’ve lost all the weight but now have a 30 ft tapeworm throughout your intestines? If you were thinking it would die when it couldn’t find a boyfriend to breed with, bad news, the tapeworm is a hermaphrodite and has boy parts and girl parts – it can reproduce with itself! You may find yourself with multiple tapeworms that invade everywhere in your body, not just your intestines. I bet no one wants to know what happens when one feeds off your brain. Most dieters take an anti-parasitic pill that would hopefully kill off the tapeworm and before it has babies! This still leaves the problem of pooing out a 9 metre tapeworm, lets just say this can cause some major abdominal and rectal complications.

Some people claim that tapeworms can help the immune system however there is more evidence that shows they cause many horrible illnesses. Due to their nutrient hogging behavior tapeworm hosts often suffer from vitamin deficiency or worse. These he-she worms can cause diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, eye problems, meningitis, epilepsy and dementia, the list goes on, and on, and on.

The sale of tapeworms for the purpose of weight-loss is illegal in America. Illegalizing this fad diet in America, where the extreme is accepted, is really sending a message. Two words. How Ridiculous.



  1. This has been a fantastic insight into weight loss and many of the fads related to it, better to be fat and happy.

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