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The cabbage soup diet plan is another one of those detox diets that claims to make you lose weight and flush out toxins in your body. It does cause you to lose weight however like with the lemon detox diet I am left wondering what toxins are you flushing out?? You have organs to do this already!

The diet consists mainly of cabbage soup – big surprise there! The plan is to eat two bowls of fat-free cabbage soup along with a short list of fruit, vegetables, skim milk and meat. I was relieved to hear about the added foods as when I originally heard about it I thought it was just cabbage soup and if you think your going to get your nutritional requirements out of that you must be lacking a few brain cells! So the cabbage soup diet is looking up for me.

With a little more research I found that the calorie intake on it is around 800-1050 – that’s even worse than the lemon detox diet! I am appalled that there is someone out there endorsing such a low calorie intake diet and I think they are too because they have decided to remain anonymous! With so little calories being consumed it’s a wonder the dieters’ brains still function because they sure as hell don’t have the energy to do so. With every thought your brain thinks the cells that comprise it are using energy, energy that comes from the food you eat.

Not only is it dangerous to eat that little but the weight lost is mostly water weight and will be put back on the moment you go back to normal eating. This diet is only recommended for 7 days, which means that as a dieter you are not learning anything about how to maintain a healthier lifestyle and keep the weight off. Doing this diet just means endless yo-yoing. This is terrible for your poor metabolism; it just won’t know what to do.

This low calorie diet will cause your body to go into starvation mode. Starvation mode is when your body protects its fat stores and breaks down muscle to use as energy for the body. it also must be converted into glucose to feed the brain. When muscle is broken down a lot of water is excreted and this is why you lose weight.

With this diet you get all the nasty side affects of the lemon detox diet plus the added bonus of flatulence (FARTS). You may be thinner but no one wants to be near you!!

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