Clean Eating – Does the future of healthy eating lie in our past?



After last weeks bash on the detox diet I thought I’d explore a more positive diet. I’d heard through the grape vine of the “clean eating diet” so thought I’d check it out. It turns out clean eating is basically cutting out processed and refined food which sounded pretty good to me as a fantasy of mine is to live off the land like a cave woman!

So, things to avoid in the clean eating diet are processed and refined food but what are they? Processed foods are any food with more than one ingredient used to make that food – this doesn’t mean you have to cut out everything manufactured in a factory but if there is a chemical included or something unfamiliar on the label you must cut it out. Although MSG is a friend to our taste buds it is not a friend to our bodies according to this diet! Refined foods are foods that have been stripped of their natural nutrient content and fibre. Examples of refined food are white sugar and white pasta that provide your body with nothing but calories. If you cant hunt, gather or grow it, you can’t eat it!

So the aim of the game is to eat “whole foods”, foods that come straight from the farm to you, with no lab as the middleman. “Whole foods” include things like free-range meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and unsalted nuts and seeds.  The diet encourages you to eat 5 or 6 small meals a day (sounds like my kind of diet!!). This encourages the metabolism to speed up as your body is constantly being fed; this is great because the diet doesn’t rely on the starvation mode discussed in my last post. It also suggests that you balance your meals combining protein with carbohydrates or carbohydrates with fat so that you don’t get hungry and will feel satisfied.  These are all excellent principals!!

According to Tosca Reno the woman behind the programme you should lose about “3 pounds a week” which is 1.3kg. As this is quite a slow weight loss rate you are more likely to keep the weight off. It is a very sustainable diet. Over all I have been very impressed with the clean eating diet. All the principles it endorses are very biochemically sound. It doesn’t cut out any food groups which is great because each has an important purpose in running the body and encourages healthy portion sizes. As much as i tried to get some dirt on the clean eating diet, i really couldn’t. It’s a great diet plan that is sure to make you look good and be healthy.

To learn more go to but make sure you don’t get too bogged down in the details!

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