lemon detox

To start our assessment of fad diets I’m going to tell you a little about the highly topical, controversial “lemon detox diet”. In my first year of university I found myself swept along with the fad of this diet and even purchased the product. Thankfully my friends mum sent us the youtube video below and I realized that if I completed the “cleanse” I would never be able to eat as much as I did before  (disastrous)!!

A man named Stanley Burroughs developed the lemon detox diet and has grown rich peddling this product to naïve and hopeful people. This man is not a doctor and his reasoning behind the lemon detox diet is not scientifically nor medically proven. He claims that while eating normally the body stores toxins that promote weight gain and that in order to lose weight you must get rid of these toxins. Well Mr. Burroughs I would like to inform you that the body doesn’t need your help in removing toxins, it has effective and proven cleanse machines already installed. These are the liver, kidney, intestines, lungs, skin and the immune system. They have been adequate since the first man!

Not only is the diet based on a lie it is essentially starving yourself. It contains just 1700 kJ of energy per day where a normal person would consume 8700kJ. Remember how in my first post I explained that as a last resort the body will break down muscle to feed the brain well that is exactly what the lemon detox diet causes.

When muscle is broken down a lot of water is excreted causing a massive loss in weight. The weight lost is mostly water weight which will pile back on as soon as you finish the 10-14 day cleanse. Not only will the water weight you lost pile on again but your body will remember the lean times you put it through and store more fat incase it occurs again. By doing this diet you are essentially training your body to put on weight! Another tragic effect of breaking down muscle (losing it) is that it actually slows your metabolic rate. This is because just to maintain muscle each day causes your body to burn calories so the more you have the more calories your body will burn.

The problems with the lemon detox diet don’t stop there either. Along with the terrible effects on your metabolism the constant flushing (drinking lots of fluids) may remove important probiotic bacteria that help your body to absorb nutrients.

So if you want to experience lethargy, headaches, bad breath, constipation and essentially train your body to put on more weight go ahead! The lemon detox diet is for you!

This is the video that saved me!


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